What Services Does Ukrainian IT Provide for Tinder, Viber and Airbnb?

28 Aug, 2020
What Services Does Ukrainian IT Provide for Tinder, Viber and Airbnb?

Usually, Ukrainian IT specialists work for foreign clients. These include mega-well-known international brands such as Tinder, Pampers, Zynga and Airbnb. What are the qualities of Ukrainian IT talents that attract business giants and whether it is possible to join such projects – further in our article.

How Did the Team Appear in


It all started in Lviv, where Israel IT has been operating successfully for several years. Given the specifics and origins, one of the general customers was a company (of course) originally from Israel – yellowHEAD, which is a leader in its niche. What does yellowHEAD do?

In Ukraine, yellowHEAD is little known, but in vain! The company provides a number of specialized services that are in high demand in today’s business environment that works with the latest information technology. One of the main directions of yellowHEAD is the development of mobile applications: optimization of the App Store (bringing applications to the organic top), paid user engagement (setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns), as well as graphics and motion design. So what does the yellowHEAD’s Ukrainian department do for Tinder, Viber, edX, Wooga, Celsius Network, Zynga, Airbnb, GettTaxi, Pampers and more?

Beginning of yellowHEAD

Cooperation with Ukraine

Israel IT was approached to find qualified designers for applications. Going forward, this cooperation turned out to be a great success and, as a result, one of the largest departments of motion designers in our country was formed. The search for specialists was not easy – Israel IT had a task to find the best designers of mobile applications, so we had to look for professionals, literally, from all over Ukraine. Today, the yellowHEAD creative team in Ukraine includes 10 first-class motion designers, 3 graphic designers and 2 banner makers.

Feedback about cooperation with yellowHEAD

Remote work Ukraine – Israel has its own characteristics, but well-structured communication and coordinated work processes make cooperation effective, mutually beneficial and enjoyable. We share with you insights about the business routine and daily challenges!

  • Time zone. There is the same time zone in Israel and Ukraine, so the communication process does not cause many difficulties.
  • Daily online meetings. Daily online catch-ups are held especially to solve problems, discuss new projects and ideas.
  • Business trip. There are business trips that allow you to share skills with each other; all employees noted that such an experience allows cultural exchange as well.

Challenges Israel IT Had to Face

  • Where to find you, motions?

Motion designer is not the same as graphic; there are few such specialists in Ukraine and you need to look for them in literally every corner. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges is finding search designers. And if you take into account the growth rate of demand, then this is a completely “endangered species”, so if you are still looking for “yourself”, pay attention to this industry of IT and you will be priceless as the specialist!

Feedback about cooperation with yellowHEAD
  • Broken phone

A motion designer, graphic designer or banner maker with the “cut teeth” does not hesitate to ask additional questions about the task. After all, the process of creating a design product is really creative and for some, it causes real flights of imagination. The client, in turn, gives a task to yellowHEAD managers, and then the manager gives tasks to the designer. The designer’s goal here is to ask the manager additional questions because the designer sees the finished result better, and the manager must clarify them with the customer.

  • Do you speak English?

So, people who are not native English speakers start working together, they need to discuss specific technical things, and the most interesting thing is the language gap. After all, it’s not that hard to work with. You need to be able to do it! How?! It’s very simple – no one has canceled the Google translator yet, but if it is a video meeting, no one is ashamed to ask a colleague for a word or to show the screen and point the mouse at what he or she could not say. This applies to both parties. But! Israel IT, which helps with management for the yellowHEAD department in Ukraine, conducts lessons, both group and individual, in order to improve specialists’ English.

Ukrainian IT and Tinder,

Viber, Airbnb?

Okay, we got the processes and challenges sorted out, but where are Tinder, Viber, Airbnb and other companies?! The first thing to say is that working with such companies is a great pleasure. Isn’t it nice to be a part of such famous technical products, which are used by almost everyone?

Feedback about cooperation with yellowHEAD

All these world-famous companies are direct customers of yellowHEAD, which uses the management services of Israel IT in Ukraine. Here we have formed a team that provides services exclusively for yellowHEAD. Yes, these short videos about Tinder, Airbnb, Viber, Zynga, PokerStars were made in our country and millions of people saw them, as well as banners, main images, or in the gallery of the application. It was in the Lviv office that videos and images were created for the top taxi service Gett Taxi abroad. yellowHEAD appreciates ​​its specialists and regularly organizes team buildings and business trips to Israel to share impressions of work and experience.

Can I Be Part of a Team?

There is good news for you too, especially if you are a motion designer, graphic designer or banner maker, because yellowHEAD has new well-known clients (you will be amazed!) and we are expanding our team! For you, this is a great opportunity to gain experience working with application giants and work in a professional environment to all European standards.