THE GREATEST PARTY OF THE YEAR: Israel IT corporate party 2021

11 Nov, 2021
THE GREATEST PARTY OF THE YEAR: Israel IT corporate party 2021

Many people think that working in IT is boring and you just immerse yourself in a digital world completely. Our company proves that this idea is wrong;) On October 8th -10th we had our biggest corporate party ever. More than 200 IT-specialists came together to celebrate a successful business year in the elite town Bukovel. Luxury hotel, friends, music, delicious food, and the atmosphere — it was bomb!

“A little party never killed nobody”

Any business that wants to build long-lasting relationships needs to know how to produce professional events. Israel IT is very good at it;) We are thankful to each and everybody who organised the party and brought their great ideas into life. YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB


One of the best parts : awards & prizes

How not to mention this;) Our specialists are very hardworking and talented. Rewarding the best has become a tradition of our parties and this year we did not betray this tradition. The lucky ones received cool presents, the most important of which is an electric scooter! The corporate party was indeed at the highest level!!


Summarizing the impressions of the corporate party 2021

BBQ in the beautiful Carpathian mountains, chilling in the SPA, dancing, live music and good
people around… what could be better? Not only we, but also all the staff of the Fomich Hotel
will remember our corporate party for a long time!
Friends,stay tuned, because the New Year is coming soon and we are preparing something
special for you!
Now, you can check out photos from the event and recall how it was. Click Here

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