QA Profession. A Good QA Engineer: How to Become One?

19 Jul, 2021
QA Profession. A Good QA Engineer: How to Become One?

I came to the QA profession quite by accident. I applied for the vacancy of a system administrator with knowledge of Unix systems, but it turned out that I got into the position of QA. I hadn’t even heard of her before. However, I quickly became involved in the QA profession, it turned out to be interesting for me both from the point of view of technology and from the point of view of novelty, communication with the client. Here you can grow both professionally and personally. You constantly need to upgrade not only your technical capabilities but also your software skills. I like this, therefore, I have been in this profession since 2007.

Here for so many years, I have been kept by the desire to improve – both the product and personal qualities.

Why Not Only Technical Skills are

Important for QA

When you work with a computer, it doesn’t care what your mood is, what your emotions are, whether you praise it, or how well you get along. When you work with people, you need to take into account many different factors, including mood, character, attitudes. Therefore, it is important to develop your soft skills, it helps not only at work but in life in general. No matter how cool a specialist you are from a technical point of view, if you behave with people like with machines, then all technical skills can be crossed out. It is impossible to work with people according to a template.

Major Non-Technical Skills for QA



I always pay special attention to tolerance in all respects. Each of us deserves respect.


It is important to understand here that you should not step on your throat, just to avoid a collision. We must be able to tolerantly (!) insist on our own. Of course, your decision or point of view must be supported by something.


The key point is the attitude to the QA profession as a hobby, something frivolous. A kind of staging post on the way to something “greater”. In this case, there will be no sense, because the attitude towards the profession will be appropriate. QA will devote much less time to its development and less conscientious fulfillment of its duties. I myself have observed such “specialists” more than once. This did not end well, the product suffered, and the employee himself, who understood that he was not in his place.

For some reason, this happens with QA, “random” people come here who hope one day to change QA to something better and “more serious”. Everything here is “simple” – took courses in 3 months, became a switcher, and came to IT! In fact, this is a whole industry, interesting and important in its own way, no less important than development.

I accept this scenario only when it comes to trainees, there really can still be a question of choice.

How to Properly Organize QA Work

Balance yourself and don’t deplete yourself. Especially when it comes to technical specialties, such as testing or development. Considering my experience, I can say that when you have an interesting project, you will overtime and think about solving some problem on weekends. If the project is boring and monotonous, then such problems will not arise. I wish everyone only interesting projects, but then know how to handle them. Because, no matter how interesting it is, sooner or later you will feel exhausted if you don’t give yourself time to rest.

Set clear time frames for yourself when you work and when you rest.

Rest after work rather than continuing to work.

Plan your weekend – if you want, sleep until lunchtime, or if you want, go on a trip, most importantly, do not deprive yourself of rest.

When you are not doing work, DO NOT do work.

Beginner QA Tips

First of all, decide whether you really see yourself in this profession. To understand whether this might be to your liking, do not be too lazy to learn more about the QA engineer profession.

Decide if you are ready to work a lot with documentation and routine work.

Work on yourself constantly. IT is an industry that is developing rapidly, if you took courses a year ago and want to find a job now, then you will be surprised that the information that was taught to you in the courses is outdated. Therefore, keep learning, even if it seems to you that you have already hit the ceiling.

Dig deeper – look at the project from different angles and look at it comprehensively, go beyond the technical aspects.

How to Get Into the QA Profession

If you want to come into the QA profession, then look for an internship program from Israel IT. Follow the link and learn the QA profession with us. If you have already mastered the profession, then welcome to the vacancy page Israel IT, leave your resume and we will contact you.