Israel IT Updates / June

12 Jul, 2021
Israel IT Updates / June

The Israel IT team is growing and we are very glad to see such talented specialists in the company. Moreover, with the start of a new project, we began to use new technologies!

We are glad to announce that Israel IT employees are being vaccinated with the support of the Lviv IT Cluster. Several dozen employees have already been successfully vaccinated. Since our company is a member of the Lviv IT cluster, all our talents have access to offers and promotions from the cluster. If you have not had time to take advantage of the benefits, then do it. You will like it because the list of Lviv IT Cluster partners is large and very diverse.

You also know that the company cares about the development and professional growth of the young IT generation. That is why we have had an internship program for beginners for over a year now. During the internship period, the trainee gains experience, the support of a mentor, a development plan, and, subject to successful completion of the internship program, work in IT! June was no exception, 2 trainees joined the internship program, 2 more successfully completed the internship and got a job. If you also have acquaintances or friends who can become participants in the internship program, share this link with them!

Israel IT in numbers – June

  • 17 new employees
  • 2 new members of the internship program
  • 2 participants of the internship program who successfully completed it

There are still many new peaks ahead and you will definitely learn about them on our website. To be continued!