Israel IT news during the war

07 Mar, 2022
Israel IT news during the war

February 24 – this date will forever remain in the memory of every Ukrainian. The war is destroying our country, our homes and our loved ones. Life is turned upside down and all plans merge into one – the end of the war. However, Ukrainians are a strong nation, and despite the war, we continue to deal through tears with a new reality, we continue to work. Our company is not an exception – we work twice as much as usual, combining volunteering with work. Here’s the Israel IT news during the war:

  • Our company has been fully prepared in advance. We made a lot of calls discussing our actions. In Israel IT, everyone finds support and encouragement 24/7. We are more united than ever before, and the relationship between each of us became closer and warmer.
  • Today, the office is not only a place to work – it is a place where everyone can find shelter from the war. Our specialists help guests adapt and do everything to make them feel comfortable: they feed, treat them with hot tea, play with children, support, and encourage. 
  • Several Israeli reporters from various TV channels visited us. Our CTO and co-founder, Guy Amar, shared how the company evacuates people from the hottest spots and helps them go abroad. All reports are available on our Facebook page.
  • We support our employees on a daily basis, and we also urge international clients to hire Ukrainian IT specialists to help them go through the crisis.

Friends, the war will end soon, we will win. Be strong, believe in Ukraine and everything will be fine! Continue to follow the news here on this website, as well as in our social networks: Facebook, Instagram.