Hi there! Good news for juniors!

26 May, 2021
Hi there! Good news for juniors!

The IT industry is gaining more and more popularity among young people. Young professionals choose technical specialties and, as a result, we have a large number of CVs for the junior position in any IT company.

Today it is much more difficult for a young specialist to get a job than 4 years ago. Companies are increasingly refusing to hire juniors, as it is much more profitable for them to have a middle or a senior, since a junior needs time to gain experience. And this creates a lot of difficulties for the start of the career. It is no matter are you wanna be a junior front-end developer, or junior back-end developer it will be no so easy to get your first job in IT company.

“Well, so, where is the good news?” – you’ll ask.

The good news for young professionals is in Israel IT. Because these guys are not afraid to invest time and money in junior specialists. We talked about this with Ana Labish Middle recruiter of our company:

– Anna, please tell us, is there a chance to get into Israel IT as a junior?

– Thanks for the question. Yes! We recruit juniors, even for not only technical positions. Israel IT is a place for everyone who wants to develop, learn and achieve new goals. The main thing for us is to see that a person wants and is ready to grow fast. 

– What do you actually mean when you say “grow fast”?

– Well, Junior is a young specialist who does not have much experience. Even those people who have graduated with honors from the university and a bunch of courses, going to work are faced with situations for which they are not prepared. And as a result, anything can happen – from incorrect estimates to complete burnout. Each of us was once a junior and remembers how it is:) That’s why we decided to be the ones who hire juniors. Moreover, they were provided with mentoring support. Also, the company promotes training, we practice the purchase of refresher courses for those who want to imprint skills. This, in fact, applies not only to juniors, but let’s talk about it, let’s in another article;) 

– Thank you, Anna! 🙂

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