Digest of the month: November 2021

01 Dec, 2021
Digest of the month: November 2021

Happy first day of winter y’all! We are approaching the winter holidays, which means that it is time to summarize all the events of November. It was an extremely productive month, filled with interesting events. Let’s talk about the main ones.

  • The most important event was the launch of The Central Academy. This is a new step forward for our company, because now we can train and prepare specialists to work in the field of information technology from scratch. All mentors are professionals and we are sure that within the academy everyone can acquire all the necessary skills and practice to work in IT. If you want to develop in this direction, then go to the academy page and start your studies today!
  • We’d like to remind you that Israel IT has an internship program. This is the perfect place to mobilize all your best qualities and improve your skills in your chosen field. Do you want to work among the most talented specialists and build your career with us? Hurry up, check out the vacancies page. We have a lot of perks for you.
  • If you haven’t seen an article about Back-End development on the senior.ua, then we recommend you do so right now. Oleg Garcushenko has incredible experience and he shared the most up-to-the-work skills necessary for this direction. Click on the link and discover something new about the backend
  • IT specialists talk to each other and joke about the fact that they are often labeled as mechanics, people be like “look, what’s wrong with my computer. You’re in it, you know”. Often people have a lot of stereotypes and ideas about IT, but we have come across to dispel them. On our website there is a new article where we selected top 10 MYTHS about IT. So, take the tea with cookies and follow the link. It’s interesting there!

Friends, do not forget that we are actively developing our tik tok. There are several new videos on the page and you will definitely like them. Like and subscribe, because soon there will be a lot of cool content!