13 May, 2020

During COVID19 quarantine we hired 15 new employees! Firing people? Not in our home! We created all the comfortable conditions for the employment process – involved various channels of communication, used the electronic digital signature service and launched Internship and Orientation Programs for all our newcomers.

We offer Internship Programs for fresh talent! 

We are here to give you the unique opportunity to take your first steps in the Tech industry. In our IT Internship Program, you may apply for open positions, such as web designer, developer, QA, Recruiter, Project Manager and more to help you gain valuable skills and knowledge and take a step forward to kickstart your career. 

Here’s the process:

1. We supply you with all necessary applications, working programs and tools. You might also use your laptop with you as your personal equipment.

2. Our Internships Program is 100% legal. Both Parties sign the special Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement that warrant responsibilities, rights and obligations for both parties of the Program.

3. The duration of our program is 6 months. Every month you get your personal feedback from your Mentor and Manager. You will have a 360-Feedback that also includes recommendations and a special program that helps you grow yourself as a specialist.

4. After 3-month of passing the Internships Program, we could provide you with a hiring vacancy based on your results, personal improvement and the company’s needs.

5. After successfully passing the Internship Program you get a Certificate that shows proof of your experience and skills.

During quarantine, we had trainees both in graphic design and back-end development who completed their training and are now looking to join our teams!