Ummanu is a technology company providing a telemedicine platform focused on remote consultations between clinicians and patients (C2P). Solutions in this segment of telemedicine allow clinicians to conduct remote visits with their patients outside the hospital or clinic setting (normally at their home), as well as potentially expand their reach to new patients outside their existing patient list.

With numerous studies showing that up to 90% of doctor visits currently provided face to face can be provided remotely, this segment holds enormous economic and commercial potential. However, although there are many solutions in this segment, this potential has yet to be realized. Still today, and even in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, remote consultations account for a small percentage of total visits, and are almost exclusively limited to doctors calling patients on the phone.

Ummanu changes all of that by leveraging advanced technology and real-world know-how to allow healthcare providers to conduct remote doctor visits at scale in a dramatically more cost-effective and efficient way than is possible face to face. All the while increasing clinician and patient satisfaction, and maintaining the same quality of care stakeholders expect.

Ummanu’s telemedicine platform is a game-changer. Using proprietary technology to automate and dramatically simplify complex operations currently handled manually, our platform enables a small number of clinicians to provide on-demand and scheduled services to large populations, effectively, at scale, with near-zero no-shows. This while achieving stelar satisfaction from both clinicians and patients, and ensuring the best in class quality of care.

Ummanu partners with large healthcare providers to bring new telemedicine services to market. These generate new revenue streams for our partners, while allowing us to offer payors – public and private – new and highly affordable services.

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